Giant Lobster Claws For Your Hands

Giant Lobster Claws

Archie McPhee has created Giant Lobster Claws, red latex mittens that look like claws of a cooked lobster. They are in the spirit of their popular and fun animal head masks, except you know, they are for wearing on your hands not your head. On the product’s site, you can find a silly photo of me in a fez posing as a sort of “spokeslobster” which was shot this past summer when I visited Archie McPhee’s headquarters in Washington (honored!).

Become a lobster superhero and take the law into your own claws
Sure, your boring old human hands let you do nuanced things like type and count to ten, but you have to admit you’d be fifty times more awesome with claws. This set of two 14-1/2″ long latex Giant Lobster Claws slips on over your hands and instantly makes you more lobstery. In fact, you’ll look so lobsteriffic, you’ll hardly be able to resist dipping yourself in butter. While we don’t recommend driving or operating heavy machinery while wearing these, they’re not completely useless. You can sorta kinds pick stuff up when you move the pinchers. Also helps you give a powerful handshake.


Skipping stones in Giant Lobster Claws