Blossom the Baby Bat

Blossom is a baby blossom bat that came into the care of Louise Saunders of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland following a suspected cat attack, according to ZooBorns. The tiny bat was nursed back to health on nectar mix and milk formula, and was raised from a baby under Saunders’ care. Once Blossom was strong enough, the bat was released back into the wild on Macleay Island in Queensland, Australia.

“It was the best bat experience of my life without a doubt and the decision to release her was a terrible one for me, but it was the right decision for Blossom. With banana, banksia, melaleuca and eucalyptus flowers, and a whole new family to catch up with, I’m sure she won’t be missing me like I miss her.”




images Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland via Zooborns

via Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome

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