ABCDEFGeek, A Fun Illustrated Alphabet for Geeks by Otis Frampton

A Is For Ackbar by Otis Frampton
A Is For Ackbar” – Star Wars

Saint Paul, Minnesota artist and writer Otis Frampton has created ABCDEFGeek, a fun illustrated alphabet for geeks. Kids can enjoy learning about each of the letters while also taking in a little bit of geek culture. Prints are available to purchase online from Society6.

X Is For Xenomorph by Otis Frampton
X Is For Xenomorph” – Alien

S Is For Hope by Otis Frampton
S Is For Hope” – Superman

P Is For Predator by Otis Frampton
P Is For Predator” – Predator

T Is For Tribbles by Otis Frampton
T Is For Tribbles” – Star Trek

C Is For Canceled by Otis Frampton
C Is For Canceled” – Firefly

M Is For Marvel by Otis Frampton
M Is For Marvel” – Marvel Comics

images via Otis Frampton

via The Mary Sue

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