The Neverwas Haul Project Party and Fundraiser

The Neverwas Haul

The Neverwas Haul is a fantastic steam-powered, mobile 3 story Victorian mansion that is being constructed for Burning Man 2006 by a team of industrious lunatics.

The NeverWas Haul explores the theme of the intrepid explorer, boldly adventuring into the unknown, seeking golden cities, mysterious artifacts, fame and glory. This pre-turn of the century, steam powered, mobile Victorian house is 3 stories in height, and is decorated with the relics and artifacts collected in its journey around the globe, as well as a few more specimens collected in Black Rock City. Participants are interviewed, measured and documented in arcane and amusing scientific experiments. Traditional Irish tea is served every afternoon, and visitors may tour the Haul and be impressed by our advanced steam technology and finely polished brass scientific instruments.

The Neverwas Haul

The Neverwas Haul project was turned down for a grant by the Burning Man organization, but that’s not going to stop them. In order to raise precious funds to complete the project, they are having a party and fundraiser tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 23rd at The Shipyard in Berkeley starting at 7:30pm.

The Imperial Hibernian Ministry of Insanity wishes to invite you to the dedication by the Hibernian Ambassador, his Honorable Dr. Hal, of Neverwas Haul, that is about to disbark on its exploratory adventure of the Black Rock Rendezvous. Festivities will begin at 7:30pm on Wednesday, August 23rd at the Shipyard (1010 Murray St, Berkeley; near San Pablo and Ashby). H’ors doevres and libations will be served to all who come. This is technically a fund-raiser, so bring wealthy friends and checkbooks. This is a Jules Verne inspired event – please dress accordingly! T-shirts will be available for purchase at this event.

UPDATE: Here’s video of the Neverwas Haul test drive.