SushiBots, High-Speed Japanese Sushi-Making Robots

With the tagline “We Love Rice,” Japanese company Suzumo has been an industry leader in automated sushi making since the 1980s. They presented their latest high-speed sushi-making SushiBots at the World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012 trade show in Tokyo last week. One of the SushiBots makes rice mound sushi bases at the rate of 3,600 an hour and the sushi roll machine can crank out 300 an hour. The Suzumo website states “We can say, now Sushi is going to be global standard food along with Sandwich and Hamburger.” Wired Gadget Lab has the expanded story on Suzumo’s SushiBots.

via Gigazine, Wired Gadget Lab and Eater

image via Gigazine