Wake, A Pathway of Brightly Painted Cut Logs by Michael McGillis

Wake by Michael McGillis

“Wake” by Michael McGillis is a 95 foot long pathway enclosed on both sides by brightly painted cut logs. The 2006 installation is a commentary on humanity’s disruption of nature and is meant to resemble an opening in the earth. “Wake” is on display at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.

My interest for this piece is the human propensity for the disruption of nature at varying scales and the impermanence of places. The work involves the industrial-scale compression of a living place (forest) into a uniform commodity (cordwood), and the structured reintegration of this commodity back into a natural place.

Wake by Michael McGillis

Wake by Michael McGillis

via My Darkened Eyes & Colossal

photos via Michael McGillis

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