San Francisco Santacon 2008 Photos

Photos are starting to come in from this year’s massive San Francisco Santacon. For more Santacon coverage around the world, check out the Santacon 2008 list of cities on Santarchy.

- Geek Entertainment TV (GETV)

- The San Francisco Citizen

- SFist

- The Snitch (SF Weekly)

- Santa’s Little Secret Service

- Eddie Codel

- Mitchell Aidelbaum

- Berderp

- M2

- Steve Rhodes

- Sandwich Girl

- Enric Teller

- Stephen

- Joe

- Santa Spaz

- SeenyaRita

- Jen Fogg

- Kevco

- Aaron

- James Reffell

- Grodeen

- Jennifer Simpson

- Lisa Sculati

If you know of any other San Francisco Santacon photos, video, blog posts or media coverage, leave a link in the comments.


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