Matcheads, David Mach’s Amazing Sculptures Made Out of Matchsticks

Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone

Matcheads is an amazing (and highly flammable) ongoing sculpture project by London-based artist David Mach that depict the heads of animals, skulls, African masks, iconic famous people and fictional characters, all created with simple wooden matchsticks. According to My Modern Metropolis, each sculpture is first formed on a plastic model and many of the matches are imported from Japan for their colored heads.” See all of Mach’s Matcheads at his website.


Sabre Tooth Tiger

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

David Mach

Betty Boop



The Devil

The Devil


Marilyn group

iamges via David Mach and My Modern Metropolis

via My Modern Metropolis and CollabCubed

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