Zhenyuanlong, A Newly Discovered Feathered Dinosaur That Was an Ancestor of the Velociraptor

Zhenyuanlong feathered dinosaur zhao chuang interpretation

image by Zhao Chuang via PBS Newshour

Zhenyuanlong is a newly discovered feathered dinosaur found in the Liaoning province of China. The dinosaur is an ancestor of the Velociraptor, stood over six feet tall, and lived in the early Cretaceous period. Its distinct and well-preserved feathers lend further support to the idea that many dinosaurs were potentially covered in bright feathers and evolved into birds.

The Zhenyuanlong was the subject of a recent journal article in Scientific Reports by Junchang Lü & Stephen L. Brusatte.

Zhenyuanlong feathered dinosaur

photo via Junchang Lü & Stephen L. Brusatte

via BBC News

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