Belgian Wildlife Photographer Shoots Photos of ‘Never Before Seen’ Rare Yellow Feathered King Penguin

While in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Belgian wildlife photographer Yves Adams shot photos of a “never before seen” leucistic King penguin that was amongst the wide array of animals native to the region. This unique penguin sports atypical feathers that are creamy yellow in color, rather than the standard black and yellow combination more typical to the species.

Needless to say, Adams was quite taken with this uniquely beautiful bird.

Winning nature’s lottery with seeing the most beautiful King penguin and being able to take pictures! While unpacking our rubber boats merely after landing on a remote beach on the island of South-Georgia, this leucistic King penguin walked up straight to our direction in the middle of chaos full of Sea elephants and Antarctic fur seals, and thousands of other King penguins. How lucky could I be!

via PetaPixel

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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