Wedding Photo of Newlyweds Preparing to Battle ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walkers and the Death Star

Chicago photographer Steven Kowalski shot and edited a wonderful Star Wars-themed wedding photo for Michigan newlyweds John and Mindy Doychich. The photo depicts the lightsaber-wielding bride, her husband, maid of honor, and best man all preparing to battle a group of AT-AT Walkers and the Death Star. Previously, we wrote about a bridal party being chased down by AT-AT Walkers and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Steven shared more information on his photo with The Huffington Post:

The newlyweds are into “anything nerdy” like “Doctor Who” and “Star Wars” (they even served a Boba Fett-shaped groom’s cake at the wedding), and the idea for the photo was born when he learned they had a replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

“They had mentioned wanting to do something different,” Kowalski said. “I had the idea for them to be looking up at an epic battle.”

via Neatorama