‘We Can Be Heroes’, A Gritty Photo Series Capturing Normal Everyday Hardworking People Dressed as Superheroes

Dubai photographer Martin Beck has created We Can Be Heroes, a humorous and gritty photo series capturing normal everyday hardworking people dressed as superheroes. Beck does a brilliant job of showcasing that heroes are all around us, and they don’t always have to have “perfect bodies and beautiful faces.”

The subject matter being those folk who didn’t quite make the grade at superhero school and are, like most of us, living their lives doing the day-to-day chores and their best to live a happy life while providing for their loved ones. Along with this gritty and humor-laden style of photography, there is a very important message too. When we think of Superhero’s our initial thoughts are of perfect bodies and beautiful faces, in reality most of us are not like that. However, that doesn’t have to mean that we cannot still be heroes. Each of us in our own way can be heroes to our family, friends, colleagues and we all have the potential to help others.