A Clever Hack For Easy Dispensing of Bottled Water

A clever hack has been making the rounds showing how to dispense water bottles with a strategic cut down the middle of the case. Once the cut is made, the case is then split in half to expose the bottles for easy reach.


Life hack!! This is how I’m going to open every pack now ? #fyp? #fyp #lifehack #lifehacks #hacksoflife #viral #lifelessons #water

? BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

One person shared how to spit the case open in a less strenuous way.


I drink a lot of #bottledwater so I just had to try this #hack to open it differently. This way makes it so much easier to get my bottles out and load up the mini fridge. #arkansas #fyp #caseofwater #saturdaynight

? original sound – redonthehead0483