Vixen Photography, Tastefully Sexy Boudoir & Pinup Photography by Scott Saw

Space Chick

Solana Beach-based artist and photographer Scott Saw is behind Vixen Photography, a studio that “specializes in tasteful sexy photography including boudoir & pinup.” For the shoots, Scott’s lovely wife (and burlesque dancer and instructor) Kixxi Galore helps position the models to look their very best. They say, “the photo shoot is just the beginning. We are experts at post production. We’ll smooth and perfect your skin and will even enhance your curves if that is desired.” Scott and Kixxi were recently working their magic at Tiki Oasis along with two very talented folks, hair stylist Madison Jane and makeup artist Valerie Vonprisk. Take a look at the Vixen Photography online portfolio which not only includes pinup and boudoir shots but alternative, fitness, fetish, bridal, and maternity ones.



photos by Scott Saw