Venezuelan Man Dramatically Alters His Appearance to Look Like Red Skull, Captain America’s Sworn Archenemy

Red Skull Henry Damon

A Venezuelan husband and father named Henry Damon has taken steps to dramatically alter his appearance so as to make himself look like the 2011 film version of Red Skull, the sworn archenemy of Captain America and a former Nazi with close affiliations to Hydra. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Damon’s body modification artist, Emilio Gonzalez, said that he has already “tattooed his eyeballs black before adding red and back face tattoos to look like the comic book villain.”

Henry aka Red Skull is a physically and intellectually healthy person. …He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification. Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams a reality. ..Next will be silicone implants on the cheekbones, chin and cheeks. Then we will tattoo his entire face red and then he will be Red Skull.

Henry Damon and Friend

Red Skull Red Skull In the Making
images via Daily Mail

via Daily Mail