Under-Dogs, A Fabulous Photo Series That Captures the Soft Underbellies of Playful Dogs

Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba who previously captured the soft underbellies of cats and horses, has turned his lens to man’s best friend in a lovely series entitled “Under-Dogs. During the shoot, Burba made note of the major differences between photographing dogs and cats.

Cats were very cute but dogs are more playful. Dogs are more obedient which helps us to create more interesting shots. While some dogs were playful on the ground they have completely changed on the glass and stood still like a rock. Others weren’t afraid of standing above which was easy and fun to work with. I learned two main things from these photo shoots. First, cats think they are gods, since people feed, love and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love and give them homes. Probably you had to read that twice.

Burba has also released a book of the same title that encompasses the photos of this series.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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