The Stunning Natural Colors of a Man-Made Geyser Sitting on the Edge of Black Rock Desert in Nevada

The Seeker Network video series “Seeker Stories” takes a look at Fly Geyser, a growing formation that sits at the edge of Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The geyser is incredible anomaly that was accidentally created when the power company dug a little too deep and released sulfuric water everywhere, forming a limestone mound. Over time, the mound has taken on the brilliant colors created naturally by thermophilic algae that feed on the released minerals, making the whole scene look completely unbelievable. Photographer Joe Ropelato spoke about the stunning shot he captured at Fly Geyser

Some people might look at this photo and assume that it’s fake somehow. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,bI might think the same thing. I hope people that see this are blown away, by not the photo, but by Fly Geyser itself. And I hope they’re intrigued. I hope they’re curious. I hope they wonder if it’s real or if it’s fake. And I hope that eats at them a little bit and they actually get out there and take a look at it for themselves.