A Delightful Photo Book That Celebrates the Often Disregarded Beauty of New York City Pigeons

Pigeons of NYC 2

Photographer Andrew Garn has captured in his delightful photo book The New York Pigeon: Behind the Feathers, the often disregarded beauty of these birds. Garn frames and lights the pigeons as if they were models rather than the “less than” creatures they are made out to be. In doing so, Garn captures each personality, determination and vulnerability within the world in which they live.

The New York Pigeon is a photography book that reveals the unexpected beauty of the omnipresent pigeon as if Vogue magazine devoted its pages to birds, rather than fashion models. In spite of pigeons’ ubiquity in New York and other cities, we never really see them closely and know very little about their function in the urban ecosystem. This book brings to light the intriguing history, behavior and splendor of a bird that we frequently overlook.

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Pigeons of NYC 1

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via My Modern Met