The Looking Glass, Disney Parks As Seen By Selected Photographers

Hanging Out

Hanging Out” by Elton Anderson, taken at Disney Hollywood Studios

The Looking Glass is an ongoing curated Tumblr blog of images shot by photographers selected by Disney. Each photographer was invited to shoot a Disney theme park with the goal: “shoot photos they’d want to see and share.” Participating photographers include: Chloe Rice, Elton Anderson, Noah Kalina, Tom Bricker, Lindsey Garrett, Matt Rubin and Ben Van Hook. In this video, Ben Van Hook explains why he chose to shoot his images for the project simply using his iPhone camera.

Whole New World

Whole New World” by Ben Van Hook, taken at EPCOT Morocco Pavilion

999 Ghosts

999 Ghosts” by Tom Bricker, taken at Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion

Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away” by Lindsey Garrett, taken at Main Street, U.S.A.

images via The Looking Glass

via Disney Parks Blog