A Tenacious Stretch Armstrong Resists Mightily Against the Incoming Blades of a Hydraulic Dicer

Tenacious Stretch Armstron Hydraulic Dicer Cubinator

A particularly tenacious Stretch Armstrong action figure resists mightily against the incoming blades of Lauri Vuohensilta‘s “Cubinator” 150 Ton hydraulic dicer. In the end, Armstrong loses the battle, but the toy puts up a good fight in refusing to allow himself to be cubed. Before moving on, Vuohensilta, host of Hydraulic Press Channel, acknowledges Armstrong’s tenacity before moving on to other items, all of which were pressed into service by the jaws of the Cubinator.

Stretch Armstrong toy Vs. our new CUBINATOR 5 000 000 dicer / shredder tool that turns everything in to cubes. We cubinate also other stuff like candles, watermelon, shoe and more.