A Spy Chameleon Calmly Watches Upright Sifaka Lemurs Pogo Their Way Around the Forest Floor

In a rather amusing clip from the series Spy in the Wild 2 – Episode Three: The Islands (previously), a very realistic spy chameleon captures the sight of fast-moving sifakas (a type of lemur) as they hop sideways while upright on two feet.

image by Terpsichores

This motion, which is called a “pogo”, allows these limber primates to easily transition from tree to ground and then back again.

Sifakas spend most of theirs in the trees. Their powerful legs and stabilizing tails help them leap more than 30 feet. Adapted for jumping from tree to tree, they have trouble walking on all fours. They have a unique solution. They pogo.

Pogo Sifaka Lemurs