Photographer Captures Video of the International Space Station Crossing in Front of the Moon

Photographer Gadi Eidelheit captured a gorgeous video of the International Space Station as it transited, or crossed in front of, the Moon on December 28, 2014 over Ganot, Israel. Eidelheit used the Heavens-Above site to track the station in order to find the exact location he would need to be in to capture the station and the Moon at the right time.

I used two cameras, the first clip is from a Canon 700d with Simga 18-250 at max zoom and the closeup is with Canon SX50 at max zoom (1200mm equiv).

I was not sure that I actually got it or that the ISS really passed the moon, and even when I looked at the small camera screen just after taking the photo I was not sure if it is good. Only at home on a regular screen I was very happy that I manage to take the video.
Hope you will like it

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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