Dehydrated Snake Gratefully Drinks Water From the Hand of a Compassionate Hiker in Thailand Park

While hiking around Phanom Bencha National Park in the southern Thailand town of Krabi, photographer Drljaca Milena and her boyfriend Nenad Preradovic came upon a green red-tailed racer snake who, like other local animals, was venturing outward towards the trail in search for food during the country’s severe drought.

Preradovic, who understands herpotology, noted that the snake was extremely dehydrated. He poured water into his cupped hand and coaxed the non-lethal snake over to him. The parched snake took Preradovic up on his offer and gratefully lapped up the offered water and even stuck around for a few refills.

The country has been suffering a severe drought in recent months, with many snakes venturing out of their natural habitat in search of food. …Drljaca, a wildlife photographer, said the serpent, also called a red-tailed racer snake, was calm and friendly.

Grateful Snake Drinks From Hikers Hand

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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