Smiling Golden Retriever Who Was Born Without Eyes Provides Comfort to Disabled Patients

Photographer Stacey Morrison of Happy Tails Photography has captured beautiful images of Smiley, a beautiful nine-year-old golden retriever who was born without eyes at a puppy mill and who now brings joy and comfort on a daily basis to disabled and mentally ill patients as a certified pet therapy dog. According to Morrison, Smiley brings joy wherever he goes.

I call him a “heart dog” — when you meet him, even if it’s just for a moment or two, he changes you. Maybe this sounds hokey to some, but Smiley’s presence is one of peace and unfettered joy. He is happy in a simple, straightforward way that we can all learn from. And his name is truly fitting — he smiles ALL the time. Which makes everyone around him smile. It’s totally contagious and it just makes you feel good. Smiley was born without eyes and spent his first few years in a puppy mill. His condition also gave him a few other quirks: he is smaller than your average golden, but he has really big teeth. His back legs are a little bowed. And he looks like a puppy — from his size, to his soft, fuzzy coat, you would never guess this boy is nine years old.

photos by Stacey Morrison

via My Modern Met