A Sneaky Seagull Flies Off With a GoPro Documenting the Flight Like a Drone

Seagull Drone

Curious about the seagulls that live near his coastal Norwegian home, photographer Kjell Robertsen left some bread along with his GoPro out on his porch in order to capture some close shots of the birds eating. What he didn’t count on was that an enterprising seagull would take off into the air with his camera, inadvertently using it as a drone. Luckily, Robertsen was able to locate his GoPro several months later and the footage was still intact.

On the coast of Norway, Kjell Robertsen uses some bread to get some GoPro close-ups of seagulls. Over 5 months later he found his camera so we can all see what happens when you accidentally make a seagull drone.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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