Playful Sea Lion Tries to Steal Diver’s Watch

While diving in the waters of Norris Rocks on Hornby Island in British Columbia, underwater photographer Michael Aery captured amazing footage of a playful sea lion attempting to steal his dive watch. While Aery enjoyed the moment, he did his best to set his camera up for the best angle possible at the same time.

I’m holding my video camera off to one side so I can get a shot of this rather cheeky Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias Jubatus) trying to take my dive watch!

Aery told Caters News that he’s very familiar with the curious nature of these pinnipeds.

I have been diving and shooting underwater video for a little over five years and have logged over 700 dives in that time. …Being very curious animals, they will often grab at anything a diver has on them. Usually they pull on a diver’s fins but will also go for limbs, air hoses and anything shiny like a dive computer or camera. …I don’t encounter sea lions as often as I’d like to.

Sea Lion Tries to Steal Divers Watch

Aery also shot a beautiful underwater scene of his dive partner dancing with a sea lion.