Scanwiches, A Yummy Photo Series Featuring Sumptuous Cross-Sections of Sandwiches

Designer and photographer Jon Chonko has added more delectable scanned sandwich cross-sections to his yummy Scanwiches series, a project we wrote in 2011. Since then Chonko has collected a great many more images of unabashedly naked sandwiches of different sizes and shapes from varied cuisines around the world and promoting his wonderful book of the same name.

Scanwiches takes the sandwich and spreads it out for all to see. There’s nothing quaint or humble about its presentation. From full-frontal, cross-sections of monsters like the Dagwood and club, to minute, geometric tea sandwiches whose construction looks more like minimalist art than culinary creation, Scanwiches presents unabashed food porn that satiates even the most severe sandwich fetish. A supernova of swirling bread, cheese, meat, and lettuce, suspended in a black, vacuous space, and reproduced at actual size, each sandwich lays imposing, exposed, and tantalizing.