Saudi Arabian Woman Performs a Rap Song Celebrating Her First Legal License to Drive a Car

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Leesa A, a Saudi Arabian singer and director, wrote and performed a short rap song that celebrated her brand new driver’s license and legal ability to drive. Previously, women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to drive but a legal ruling in September 2017 reversed that ban and licenses were issued as of June 24, 2018.

I don’t need anyon to take me… Drivers’ license with me. I am not kidding, today I can drive myself. The steering wheel in my hands, the pedal under my foot… I put the seat belt over my abaya

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Here’s behind-the-scenes footage taken during the video’s production.

Women all over Saudi Arabia are celebrating the independence of driving. In a BBC Op-Ed, midwife Roa Altaweli shared her happiness with reporter Lulwa Shalhoub about being able to drive herself to work without fear and doing such things as stopping through a drive-through window for coffee.

On the way I pass the police, but I’m not scared of being pulled over. I have a licence and I’m driving legally in Saudi Arabia. I stop to get coffee from a drive-through, and I’m the first female driver the barista has ever served.

via BBC News