Rubber Band, Portraits of Musicians’ Faces Distorted and Compressed With Rubber Bands

Red Light Cameras, Amanda Machon

Photographer Wes Naman created Rubber Band, a portrait collection that depicts musicians’ faces distorted and compressed by rubber bands. Jakob Schiller of Wired Raw File interviewed Wes Naman about the project, the inspiration, and how he chose his subjects. More of the portraits can be viewed at Naman’s website, and previously we posted about Scotch Tape, a similar series of portraits by Naman in which people’s faces are contorted with see-through tape.

Squash Blossom Boys, Kyle Malone

So Say We All, Amy Keyohara

Bellemah, Noelan Ramirez

The Champion of the World, D Skyler Nielsen

2bers, Collin Troy

photos by Wes Naman

Kimber Streams
Kimber Streams