A Gorgeous But Heartbreaking Video Tour of the Quickly Retreating Glaciers of a Warmer Greenland

On his eighth visit to Greenland, Swiss nature photographer Stefan Forster captured absolutely gorgeous footage of the numerous icebergs and ice floes that had formed since his last visit. The unfortunate cause of this beauty, however, was due to the heartbreaking number of retreating glaciers and the increasing temperature of the country itself.

Today quiet and untouched places are becoming more and more rare. On my first visit to Greenland, I was fascinated by the incredible power of nature that can be felt everywhere. But during the last years things have changed. The amount of icebergs is increasing savagely. Glaciers I’m visiting every year are retreating not meters but kilometers a year and the unending amount of ice seems to be endless.

Greenland Land of Ice Stefan Forster

via Vimeo Staff Picks