Resourceful Red Fox Cares for Her 13 Babies Alone After Car Accident Turned Her Into a Single Mother

Red Fox Mom and 13 Babies

Nature photographer and filmmaker Judy Lehmberg of Environmental Science Labs has captured the amazing sight of a resourceful red fox in Paradise Valley, Montana who was left as a single mother to care for her 13 babies alone after the father was killed by a car.

The male fox was killed by a car (they lived near a busy highway) a few days before this was taken so she has to do all the hunting as well.

Nursing time is particularly hard on mom.

Red foxes have 8 teats. This mom has a problem. She has 13 babies (only 11 of them are visible here) and not enough teats to feed all of them. The babies are so pushy they actually rotate her.

Red fox mom nursing babies

via The Kid Should See This