Colorfully Detailed Pop Culture Tattoos

Israeli tattoo artist Eden Kozokaro, who’s known as Kozo Tattoo, creates brightly colored, highly detailed tattoos that feature characters and images from popular culture. While many tattoos remain true to the original, several tattoos quite cleverly mash together different sources of entertainment. One excellent example is Kozo’s combination of Rick and Morty with Breaking Bad.

Kozo spoke with Inked Magazine about his background, his style, and the tattooing professional in Israel.

Tattoo culture is very small, loving, and supportive. My tattooer friends and I are trying our best to show everyone that tattoos are nothing less than an expression of art. …I tried to find a way to express my classical painting knowledge within a size that could fit people who can’t commit for a sleeve or big work. … I try to design as minimalistically [sic] as possible. In design, I believe that less is more.

via My Modern Met