Photographer Takes Gorgeously Detailed Snowflake Photos With a DIY Camera-Microscope Rig


Photographer Douglas Levere uses a homemade camera-microscope rig to take gorgeous photographs of snowflakes during winters in his home base of Buffalo, New York. Levere created his custom micrography rig by cutting up a broken microscope and attaching it to a digital camera. Levere captures each snowflake outside his home, uses a paintbrush to place the flake on a microscope slide, and photographs the snowflake before it melts. To get enough depth of field at the microscopic level, Levere uses focus stacking, a digital technique in which multiple photographs, each taken at slightly different focus depths, are combined into a single image. Prints are available for purchase online.




Stellar Dendrite Snowflake  01.010615sm

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E.D.W. Lynch
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