Photographer Pays Tribute To Deceased Grandfather by Creating a Visual Inventory of His Possessions

Inheritence - Bedding

In a beautiful tribute to her deceased grandfather, photographer Andrea Tese demonstrates how ephemeral belongings can evoke powerful memories in her series “Inheritance“.

Clothing, bottles, appliances – relatable objects that serve as the basic accessories of daily life, schematically arranged to form a visual inventory of one man’s possessions. The Inheritance project is an exploration into ideas of legacy, identity, and impermanence, of what we leave behind and how that defines us. At the same time, it is a deeply personal documentation of the artist’s mourning process following the passing of her grandfather.

Inheritence - Coats and Hangers
Coats and Hangers

Inheritence - Everything Having to Do With Eating
Everything Having to Do With Eating

Inheritence - Luggage

Inheritence - Shoes

Inheritence - Suspenders

images by Andrea Tese

via Feature Shoot