Photographer Incorporates an Unexpected Black Metal Band Into Engagement Photo Shoot

During an outdoor photo shoot for the newly engaged John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez, California photographer Janet Wheeland was surprised by the presence of members of the black metal band Coldvoid who were decked out in full regalia, preparing for their own photo shoot in the woods. Wheeland asked and the band was more than happy to pose for Wheeland’s camera, both with the couple and without the couple.

We had a Bubba Gump hat for him, a flower crown for her, and of course a box of chocolates. This darling theme quickly changed when we ran into a black metal band named “Coldvoid” in the middle of the dark forest. They had nails, bullets, a noose, and a black candelabra that dripped like red blood when lit. Coldvoid was preparing to do promo photos for the band since it was a full moon that night. I struck up a conversation with them saying, “Lookin’ good guys!” John Awesome used to have his own metal band and it was so fitting we asked if they’d jump into a few photos and they were all for it. …It was a perfect, spontaneous finale to our photoshoot. We couldn’t have planned it better.