Photographer Expertly Captures a Concerned Wedding Party Picture Even as He Slips and Falls

Wedding photographer Chase Richards of followell fotography demonstrated his absolute professionalism when he refused to let go of his camera, even as he slipped and fell into a puddle during the rainy wedding day of Will and Kristina Moore at McClain Lodge in Jackson, Mississippi. The resulting photo is a true testament to the concern that the wedding party had for their photographer.

…at their wedding I slipped in a puddle while shooting the wedding party, cut my finger open, and broke one of my lenses. Evidence of this can been seen on my Instagram. But! Here I am alive and well and able to bring you photos that document how great this day really was. It started off a little rainy, but everything ended up working out perfectly in the end. Kristina & Will are some of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met both with wonderful families. Thanks for letting me be a part of this guys, and next time we meet, I’ll make sure to have a life insurance policy!

via PetaPixel