Thoughtful Photographer Builds Little Log Pile House for a Mouse Family to Help Keep Them Safe and Warm

While out in his Sheffield, UK backyard one day, photographer Simon M. Dell came upon a little family of mice, George, Mildred and Mini, in his garden and decided to build a little house for them. This house was built in the confines of the log pile, keeping them safe from all sorts of threats that come with being a tiny rodent in a big yard. The mice took to these adorable dwellings with a bit of yummy encouragement from Dell. Since he first discovered this little family, Dell has built more tiny houses to accommodate a growing family, making it a village of sorts.

To get the eye-catching imagery that he wanted, Simon created little houses for the two mice he named George and Mildred and for their little baby, Mini. He managed to entice them with nuts and berries that he kindly left for the tiny little mice. He would pick the nuts and berries on his walk around a nature reserve near his home in Sheffield. Since then, Simon has grown very fond of the little mouse family and regularly updates their tiny village.

The mice have since repaid Dell with their willingness to pose for all sorts of wonderful photos, some of which are featured in a really cute 2019 calendar. T-shirts and other items are available for purchase through Dell’s online store.