Photographer Brooke Shaden Captures The Ethereal World

in a world of greater mortals

For the last 2 years I’ve been saying regularly that I want to shoot an octopus. So when I finally got it and told people, I continually heard “Oh my gosh, you finally got your octopus!” And boy did I!! I love him. His name is Clem…

the world above

This was my self portrait that I did…and ended up being a composite of 7 pictures.

the importance of taking care

What better way to start a new week than to fawn over some kitties! This is Nyah who I often choose to photograph. Her little nub arm is featured prominently here, so if you wonder why her paw looks like a stub the reason is because, well, it is! Aww :)

expanding lungs

Yesterday as I shot this the wind blew like it was training for competition…My original idea was that of a snake…dominance, power, weakness…a force taking over her body. But the fabric just wouldn’t fly right, so when I got home and started piecing it together I realized it was a flower…blooming, coming to life….just as beautiful to me and still very much in line with my series.

tale of the departed

I’ve always wanted to shoot with a horse. It didn’t quite go as planned because I didn’t have a model and so my dream of doing a pre-raphaelite inspired image was slightly dashed, but it will happen eventually :-D So I went with the next best thing: a fairytale.

Fine art photographer, Brooke Shaden, is talented beyond her years and calls her ethereal works, dark art. Dark indeed, also spooky and other worldly, her images are of a great inspiration to other photographers and her down-to-earth approachable personality is evident in her detailed Flickr posts. She’s very transparent about her creative process and even hosts informal meet-ups and workshops to support her community of like-minded photographers.

[FRAMED], an internet behind-the-scenes show that follows photographers on location, recently featured Brooke in a comprehensive 24 minute piece called [BROOKE SHADEN] Dark Art.

photos by Brooke Shaden