Photographer Explains How He Captured a Stunning Photo of a Stealth Bomber Flying Over the Rose Bowl

The Atlantic recently inverviewed aerial photographer Mark Holtzman who precisely explained how he took his stunning photograph of a Stealth Bomber flying over the 2018 Rose Bowl game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Georgia Bulldogs. Holtzman, who has been photographing flyovers of the Rose Bowl for many years, talked about how the bomber flies at 200 MPH from the north at about 1,000 feet. On the day of the game, he piloted his single-engine Cessna 206 plane over the stadium at 100 mph with an altitude of 3,500 feet and timed it just right so that he could snap off a series of shots as the bomber zoomed by below.

First you have to figure out what you want to show. For me, my goal was to put the B-2 inside the stadium, preferably in the grass. And I don’t want to block any of the names or other stuff. For this picture, if you block the flag, it takes away from it.

So, first you’re trying to find the B-2 as it is flying toward you. Everything is fluid. I am moving around. They have to be on their target and you have to be on yours. There are no shortcuts. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. (read more)

via The Atlantic

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