Little Penguin Hops a Ride on a Passing Boat to Escape the Danger of a Determined Leopard Seal

Russian wildlife photographer Vladimir Seliverstov captured the rather amusing Antarctic scene of an Adélie penguin catching a ride on the Zodiac on which he was riding. The little penguin had hopped onto the inflatable boat in order to escape the imminent danger of a determined leopard seal. Seeing that the penguin was in trouble, the crew decided to give the flightless bird a ride back to the iceberg where friends were waiting ashore.

Adelie penguin jumped into our Zodiac while we were cruising around an iceberg, he was escaping from a Leopard Seal and didn’t want to go back into the water so we decided to take him to the iceberg where his friends were waiting.

Here’s the original footage from the event.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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