Paraglider Horacio Llorens Makes a Stunning Flight Into the Ethereal Green Waves of the Aurora Borealis

World Champion aerobatic paraglider and Red Bull athlete Horacio Llorens donned special cold weather gear and launched himself from the arctic town of Trømso, Norway into the Aurora Borealis high up in the skies, his white parachute brightly shining against the gorgeous ethereal green waves. Flying in this environment was a first for everyone, particularly the champion flier.

I’ve been flying all around the world in all kinds of elements, but flying here is different. It’s dark, it’s cold and the sky is on fire. Every time I had to stop flying for 1-2 weeks because of anything – bad weather – or any other plans, I feel like I am missing something really important to me. When I had the opportunity to meet the sky again, I am a happy person and everything works out.

Horacio LLorens

Northern Lights

photos by Frode Sandbech