Doggie Diner Road Trip Across the USA

Laughing Squid and SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo are taking the
Doggie Diner Dog Heads and across the USA from San Francisco to New York City.

Daily updates on the road trip directly from the Cyclcide bus!

The Doggie's final destination is the Laughing Squid: NYC show at CB's Gallery in Manhattan
and the SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo at The Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn.

Check out the San Francisco Chronicle article on Doggie Diner Dog Head road trip.

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From Frisco to The Big Apple: Like the giant heads of Easter Island, San Francisco's colossal trio of Doggie Diner Dog Heads (10 foot tall grinning Dachshund dog heads, each adorned with a bow tie and chef hat) are mysterious and compelling to any who encounter them. They beguile and seduce with their Mona Lisa smiles and are adored by many including Zippy the Pinhead (a Doggie Diner Dog Head makes regular appearances in Bill Griffith's cult favorite comic strip). These giant Dog Heads are relics from the now defunct 1950's through 1970's Northern California Burger chain Doggie Diner and are one of the strangest advertising icons of all time.

Sponsored by San Francisco underground art and culture resource Laughing Squid with transportation by SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo this event is the first time in history a roadside attraction has pulled up stakes and gone on the road to travel the USA. The ultimate goal of this road trip is to deliver the Dog Heads to the "Laughing Squid: NYC" show at CBGB's Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday, April 26th and then on to the Bike Rodeo at The Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 27th.

After their departure on Tax Day (April 15th), they will be making stops at the Vegas Strip, Old Route 66, the Grand Canyon, The Cadillac Ranch, Graceland, St. Louis' Gateway Arch and The Capital Mall in D.C. and various other roadside attractions. This road trip is an American Original not to be missed. See these stupendous icons as they journey through the United States on their way from the Pacific to the Atlantic, Carousel Restaurant to Nathan's at Coney Island, Golden Gate to the Brooklyn Bridge!