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Laughing Squid: NYC flyer
illustration by Hugh D'Andrade


Doggie Diner Dog Head NYC Bus Tour
Laughing Squid: NYC
Bike Rodeo in Brooklyn

photos by Scott Beale

Doggie Diner Roadtrip
photos by David Calkins

Bike Rodeo in Brooklyn
photos by Gavin Heck

assorted NYC stuff
photos by Roxane Williams


"Last Crawl "
by Silke Tudor
Night Crawler, SF Weekly, August 18, 2004

"North Side: Doggies on the Window"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 23, 2003

by Phil Frank
San Francisco Chronicle, April 20, 2003

"Doggie Diner heads to N.Y. for special
delivery Artists take giant icons on road trip to gallery"

by Ilene Lelchuk
San Francisco Chronicle, April 16, 2003


Doggie Diner Dog Head Road Trip Updates directly from the bus!




Doggie Diner Dog Heads    Doggie Diner Dog Heads

From Frisco to The Big Apple: Like the giant heads of Easter Island, San Francisco's colossal trio of Doggie Diner Dog Heads (10 foot tall grinning Dachshund dog heads, each adorned with a bow tie and chef hat) are mysterious and compelling to any who encounter them. They beguile and seduce with their Mona Lisa smiles and are adored by many including Zippy the Pinhead (a Doggie Diner Dog Head makes regular appearances in Bill Griffith's cult favorite comic strip). These giant dog heads are relics from the now defunct 1950's through 1970's Northern California Burger chain Doggie Diner and are one of the strangest advertising icons of all time.

Sponsored by San Francisco underground art and culture resource Laughing Squid with transportation by SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo this event is the first time in history a roadside attraction has pulled up stakes and gone on the road to travel the USA. The ultimate goal of this road trip is to deliver the Dog Heads to the "Laughing Squid: NYC" show at CBGB's Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday, April 26th and then on to the Bike Rodeo at The Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 27th.

After their departure on Tax Day (April 15th), they will be making stops at the Vegas Strip, Old Route 66, the Grand Canyon, The Cadillac Ranch, Graceland, St. Louis' Gateway Arch and The Capital Mall in D.C. and various other roadside attractions. This road trip is an American Original not to be missed. See these stupendous icons as they journey through the United States on their way from the Pacific to the Atlantic, Carousel Restaurant to Nathan's at Coney Island, Golden Gate to the Brooklyn Bridge!

Doggie Diner Dog Head Road Trip Updates directly from the bus!



Saturday, April 26th, 2003

doors 7:00pm, show 8:00pm-4:00am

CB's 313 Gallery
313 Bowery
New York, NY

next door to the infamous CBGB punk rock club

$12.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door

pre-sale tickets can be purchased online through TicketWeb

this show will sell out, so please buy your tickets in advance or show up early


master of ceremonies

$teven Ra$pa

$teven Ra$pa

$teven Ra$pa's work permeates every level of his life as he grows, projects, wears, eats and inhabits his thoughts, words and identities -- creating entirely new and interesting versions of himself and reality. His beard is patented, his thoughts have thoughts of their own, and he has been known to wear whatever is within arm's reach to illustrate a point. What he is going to do and who he is going to be next is anyone's guess! Born in Queens, he cut his teeth as an artist and poet at venues like the Gas Station, St. Mark's Poetry Project, Save the Robot and the lead paint chips of the Lower East Side and SoHo. Now living in San Francisco, his art, performance, mental installations, collaborations and work as director, producer, and artist organizer -- have been widely featured. But he is best known for being unapologetically himself! Impresario of the absurd, he throws legendary art HOPpenings, produces special events for Burning Man, and is a founding member of international media super group, HAPPY, Bunny Jam and Beards For Peace.


Ideas in Animation featuring
Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble

Ideas in Animation featuring Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble

What performance art companies like New York's Wooster Group did to create a forum for unusual stage talents like Spalding Gray, The Sprocket Ensemble project attempts to do for the rich new talents of independent filmmakers and animators. A collaborative performing arts endeavor between composer/performers of live music and directors of short film and animation, The Sprocket Ensemble liberates the excitement of live concert performance to create a new milieu for the appreciation of diverse new forms and talents in the cultural development of American film. The Sprocket Ensemble's collaborative series of screenings set to original live musical performance is entitled Ideas in Animation. For the Laughing Squid show, they will feature works from New York animators: Jane Aaron, Signe Baumane, Joe Davis, John Dilworth, Cindy Levine, PES, Jimmy Picker, Bill Plympton and Nina Paley.

Mr. Lucky

Mr. Lucky

Who is Mr. Lucky? Singer, actor, painter, poet, pirate and bon vivant...Mr. Lucky seditiously turns pop standards into new quixotic crooner in love with all those little eras that roll into the late Twentieth Century's musical history. The San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Best Living Saloon Singer" and S F Weekly's "Most Awesome MC", Lucky was dubbed "a patron saint of the new swing scene" by Jazziz Magazine and was featured in RE/Search Publications's 1999 book "Swing! The New Retro Renaissance". Mr. Lucky was chosen to perform at Lincoln Center and to accompany renowned musician Illinois Jacquet and author/historian Albert Murray at the Center's panel discussion about Swing. Under stage name, Pete Marvel, Lucky can be seen in the recent Crispin Glover movie, "Bartleby".

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang gives you More Bang for Your Buck! See more of the Kitties in fantastic pink cat suits, more bawdy burlesque moves, more revealing aerial trap-tease, more high kicks and lowbrow humor, more "peek a boo" and more "Oh La La" than a body can muster! Watch out as the Kitties slink their way around the stage to give you the most entertaining Burlesque show this side of the Seine!

Fisherman Xylophonic Orchestra

Fisherman Xylophonic Orchestra

The Fisherman Xylophonic Orchestra will be accompaning Mr. Lucky, Nik Phelps & Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Originally from San Francisco where they played as Fisherman's Famous San Francisco Burlesque, The Fisherman Xylophonic Orchestra combines a laid back polynesian vibe with a spot on bebop act creates a sound that could only be found in the dark warrens of the New York City music scene.

The Nervous Cabaret

The Nervous Cabaret

The Nervous Cabaret, playing in New York as a quartette, take highly eclectic influences extending from 70's London punk, devotional vocal styling and Django influenced rhythm guitar, and smashes them together to create music which breaks apart the typical crossovers of Jazz and Rock music. The song writing of frontman Elyas Khan, well known in New York for his theatrical performances and described by one fan as "royalty in dirty disguise", weaves a winding gothic-arched cobble stone path through the mind of the listener leading a journey to the underbelly of the city--be that London, New York, Bombay or Paris.

DJ kleverVice (NYC)

late night, live video mixing by


downstairs performer introductions by Hal "Dr. Howland Owll" Robins


Timothy "Speed" Levitch

Timothy "Speed" Levitch

Timothy "Speed" Levitch has been an active member of the New York Performance Art scene for over ten years. As a playwright, his work is consistently performed Off-Off Broadway. He was the subject of "The Cruise", a documentary about his life as New York's number one tour guide. He appeared in digital cartoon form in Richard Linklater's "Waking Life" and as a hippy in Billy Morrissette's 1970's version of MacBeth, "Scotland, PA". Last year he released his book "Speedology : Speed on New York on Speed" based on his eclectic bus tours of New York.

John Law

John Law

John Law will be presenting "A View from a Height: A Variety of Bridgescapes" a slide show talk about his experiences exploring bridges around the world. John Law has been thrown out of some of SF's top underground cabals. Survival Research Labs, The Cacophony Society, SEEMEN, Circus Redickuless and the San Francisco Suicide Club are a few that he still claims affiliation with. He is currently hard at work collaborating with Don Herron on a book about The Suicide Club. For more on John Law, check out Mark Beer's interview for Comet Magazine: "Who the hell is John Law?" and Brad Wieners's Blue Magazine article: "Gargoyles Over Manhattan".

Julia Solis

Julia Solis

Julia Solis conducts archaeological parlor games and investigates ruined urban spaces. She has documented deteriorating bathrooms, morgues and scrub stations in a variety of abandoned mental hospitals as well as publishing random stories and translations. Last fall she founded Ars Subterranea: The Society for Creative Preservation and as their executive director is leading their to mission explore the relationship between art and architectural relics in New York City. Julia will be presenting material from her recently published book "New York Underground: Anatomy of a City".

Hal "Dr. Howland Owll" Robins

Hal Robins

Hal Robins can be seen every Wednesday in San Francisco at The Odeon Bar's "Ask Dr. Hal" series and he returns for each anniversary of Laughing Squid's Tentacle Sessions series. In addition to being Master of Church Secrets for The Church of the SubGenius and (with the enigmatic and refulgent "Puzzling Evidence") co-host of the Subgenius Radio Hour on Berkeley's KPFA. Dr. Hal (as he is known to ichthyologists everywhere) is also one of San Francisco's premier cartoonists, finest underground performers and most well loved, though typically penniless, bon-vivants.



Mikl-em tirelessly runs on the rims of the spoken word wheel. An initiator of linguistic avalanche and fomenter of fantastic wordsxclash, he has writ, read, ranted, and directed in such contexts as the SF Fringe Festival, Popcorn Anti-Theater and DadaFest. His work grinds fine lines between poetry, theater and performance, with a healthy dada hangover and a pernicious logical bent. As a producer, Mikl co-founded the Tentacle Sessions living artist series and, most recently, First Frickin' Fridays--a bi-monthly series which mutates each occurrence into new and different forms.

Bishop Joey

Bishop Joey

Bishop Joey, head pontiff of the world's oldest religion, The First Church of the Last Laugh, will present a mini-service (check your own oil). For the last 25 years on April 1st, Bishop Joey has lead the Saint Stupid's Day Parade through the streets of San Francisco in a absurd orgy of stupidity. Now raise your left hand and cross your fingers and repeat after me: "I pledge allegiance, to the illusion, and to the pyramid scheme, for which it stands. One species, in denial, with error and excess, by all".

Blake More

Blake More

A femininus creare living in a school bus in the woods of Mendocino County, California, Blake More first stepped on stage in Tokyo in 1994, when she agreed to speak poetry with a friend's band in a smoky Shinjuku jazz club. She liked it enough but didn't consider it essential until two years later when she inadvertently orgasmed while dancing a poem on a San Francisco stage. Thoroughly seduced, she's been trying to recreate the experience ever since (without using her hands). Although still waiting for that second stage orgasm, she has read and performed in a diverse range of venues, from cafes, art galleries, libraries, and museums to 1000 seat theaters. Her performance art is a mosaic of styles, incorporating spoken word, yogic contortion, dance, trapeze, clowning and costuming. Often she uses myth, video and sound to weave these states together, twisting technology into a contemporary Greek chorus. La la as it sounds, she creates to reveal, question, inspire and reclaim the stage for subterranean expression. She's still pondering whether to breathe or not to breathe.

Donald the Nut

Donald the Nut

Donald the Nut, of the legendary San Francisco nerd rock band Three Day Stubble, will perform AVI. This is the infamous art form of body movement and vocal sound that has been exposed to the world in many ways. Donald has been the main purveyor of AVI for decades. Donald performed AVI on the real Gong Show (not Chicken John's version) in 1989 and he gave AVI work shops at the center Camp Cafe at Burning Man in 1995. Donald's good friend Phinneous P. Fountain has hosted three special parties dedicated to AVI called "House of AVI" during the last decade. "Rubbing and Wiggling for You", the Three Day Stubble video, features a compilation of AVI performed in places as far away as Scotland. Donald has given AVI interpretations and a proper presentation of AVI at Da Da Fest and led a crazy manage AVI in Kyoto, Japan this involving many unsuspecting Three Day Stubble fans.



SXIP's music swells from a variety of re-imagined instruments: The Industrial Flute, Obnoxiophone, Mutant Harmonicas, Triple Extended Pennywhistle, Miniature Hand Bell Choir and Regurgitated Music Box Choir. Here in NYC, he is known for performing at underground parties (Rubulad, The Happy Birthday Hideout, The Madagascar Institute) and for his performance series at Chashama on 42nd Street: SXIP's HOUR of CHARM. As a member of pyro-technic clown troupe, The Daredevil Opera Company, SXIP has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., The Edinburg Festival in Scotland and on Broadway as part of the core creative team for Anti-Gravity's "Crash Test Dummies". SXIP is currently composing music for puppeteer Erin Eager's "Savage Nursery", with a grant from the Henson Foundation, to be workshoped at HERE. He is also composing songs and sound designing,"Marsupial Girl" by Lisa D'Amour, which was developed through a collaboration by The Minneapolis Children's Theater and New Dramatists.

Cory McAbee

Cory McAbee

Cory McAbee from the band The Billy Nayer Show and writer/director the film "The American Astronaut", will doing a solo musical performance. Worshipped during their decade long run in San Francisco, Cory and The Billy Nayer Show have been breaking new ground (and hearts) in New York City since moving there over a year ago. The New Yorker had this to say about The Billy Nayer Show: "strange and popular.... frightening, yet endearing.", but that description is not nearly effusive enough.

Zero Boy

Zero Boy

Performance artist, stand-up comic & "vocal acrobat" Zero Boy recounts his zany adventures in Zeroland through a unique blend of sound and mime, the results being something akin to a performed comic book. Combining movement with live, vocally-produced sound effects, Zero Boy enacts a parade of hilarious, fantastical characters that find themselves in the most unlikely situations. From his New York base Zero Boy has written, directed & performed numerous productions on both coasts and Europe, working in traditional theater, stand up comedy, television, street performance festivals, radio, film, comic books, a national magazine, and on the cutting edge of digital media/art.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly will be doing strange things with meat. He is a man that blew his dot com riches the way such things 'should' be spent: on booze, massage parlors, and San Francisco performance venue Spanganga. Founding member of both Please Leave the Bronx and Le Verdalet Vixens et Croque Monsieurs, Sean is +5 to hit when wielding a bottle of Jack Daniels, plus two against dragons and orcs. Yes, Sean Kelly, destitute co-creator of Anti-tainment, The Odeon Bar's worst show, survivor of many cold nights in Popcorn Anti-Theatre, and the Anti-hero of all bus driving apostles will let you off at the corner of Stunned and Bored, wondering why you even bothered to leave the house.

Porn Clown Posse

Porn Clown Posse

The Porn Clown Posse pokes culture in the eye with a rubber chicken. Beware: Innocence will be embraced and perverted...and violated with grease paint. Witnesses and victims agree, Porn Clowns at once repel and attract, which creates a dizzy sensation and leaves a "funny" taste in the mouth. Find out what they say about the size of a clown's shoes or the taste of a clown's pie in your face at "Honk honk," says the horny.

DJ Ouchy The Clown (SF) & DJ HellgaBunny (SF)

DJ Ouchy The Clown & DJ Hellga Bunny

Most infants despise them. Their parents have disowned them. The GOP wants to bomb them. And their few friends are subjected to such intense beatings and other aural tortures that it's nearly impossible to find someone willing to discuss the dynamic duo. But now, eager beavers of New York, you too can feel, see and hear the true terror of Ouchy The Clown and HellgaBunny, as they permeate your skulls with titillating, startling tunes that have destroyed lesser souls. Ouchy, who has a penchant for beatings, domination and other vile deeds -- committed as leader of the randy Porn Clown Posse -- and HellgaBunny, a teutonic she-male hell-bent on destruction from a land called Liechtenstein, have cast aside their differences for the sake of the music, magically spun on '60s-era turntables especially designed for schoolchildren. It's scarily eclectic music of all varieties, played tag-team style, with both HellgaBunny and Ouchy vying for your very hearts and souls one melody at a time. If that isn't enough to scrape your skull raw, keep your eyes peeled for the mindbending, visual distortions -- including bunnies engaging in various states of potentally offensive behavior -- courtesy of Mr. Robert Parrish. Enjoy your post-war meltdown right by subjecting yourself to the glorious horror that is HellgaBunny and Ouchy The Clown and Little Robbie Parrish.

Doggie Diner Dog Heads

Parked out front the fabulous Doggie Diner Dog Heads, SF's most famous roadside attraction here in Manhattan!!

Laughing Squid: NYC will coincide with the last day of Attaboy and KRK Ryden's gallery show.




SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

Sunday, April 27th, 2003

3:00pm - 8:00pm

a measly $5

The Madagascar Institute
217 Butler Street
Brooklyn, NY

between Nevis and Bond
take Subway F or G to Bergen

If running through a crowded Mexican town square alongside bull-shaped floats packed with exploding fireworks sounds like a good time to you, you're not alone. The bike-raping punks of San Francisco's Cyclecide are fresh off their annual tour to the Tultepec Pyrotechnics Festival in Mexico -- and after wowing the crowds and sustaining quite a few third-degree burns, they've decided to turn around and head East on a massive road trip with the Laughing Squid crew and the Doggie Diner Dog Heads to spread the Message of the Reconstituted Bike.

On Sunday the 27th, Brooklyn won't know what hit it, as Cyclecide's full-on interactive Bike Rodeo comes to town - featuring live bands, stupid acts, glamorous rodeo klown-ettes, and plenty of balls-out, beer-fueled bicycle mayhem. Participants can try their luck on wheeled, re-welded monstrosities like the Bike Ferris Wheel, Bike Carousel, Dizzy Toy, Lawn Mower Bike, Spanking Bike, Chupacabra, Golden Gate Bike, and the infamous Homeland Security Bike. Idiots within the Cyclecide crew will cheat death (maybe) with some tall-bike jousting. If that's not enough, as the sun sets in Brooklyntown and the dogs' heads look on with benevolent gazes, the Cyclecide crew will perform a 45-minute, circus-and-punk-rock-fueled "show" that proves its motto: 2 DUM 2 DIE. Cyclecide ringleader and show host Jarico Reese will try his best not to slur his words and Los Baños, the Bike Rodeo's official band, will bust out eardrums as bones get broken. ALL IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY BICYCLE.


Ron English poster

A limited edition poster created by Ron English will be available for purchase at the show.

view larger version of poster


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"Laughing Squid: NYC" press release


  • Doggie Diner Dog Heads, Mikl-em, Bishop Joey: Scott Beale
  • $teven Ra$pa: Tom Ford
  • Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble: Pauline Tajchman
  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: Dave Deluxe
  • The Nervous Cabaret: Rudolf Bekker
  • Timothy "Speed" Levitch: still from Richard Linklater's film "Waking Life"
  • Hal Robins, Porn Clown Posse: Supersnail
  • Blake More: Amacker Bullwinkle
  • Donald the Nut: Harry Haller
  • SXIP: Carl Saytor
  • Cory McAbee: Film Threat
  • Zero Boy: Andre Grossmann
  • Sean Kelly: Kristin Murtaugh

Laughing Squid: NYC
illustration by 'Loid

Laughing Squid