NYC Artist Paints Magnificent Portraits of Beautiful Women Along Abandoned Hawaiian Seawalls From His Surfboard

Hula Painting 2

New York City artist Sean Yoro aka Hula has painted a number magnificent portraits of beautiful women that meet and reflect the water below along abandoned Hawaiian seawalls. Calling the series Outside, Hula amazingly created the murals with just his paints and brushes while floating above the sea on his surfboard.

Pu’uwai” (Heart) 1st set of the new murals. This piece was inspired by the silence beneath the surface of the water, when all you can hear is your heartbeat as everything else fades away. Its one of the many places I call home.

Hula Surfboard

Hula Painting

Hula Seated

Hula Front Facing

Hula Profile

Hula Shoulders

images via Hula

via Street Art News