Man Proposes to His Girlfriend With an Illustration of Him Proposing to Her at the Museum of Modern Art

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Illustrator Chris Narine, a very creative and romantic man, proposed to his girlfriend Marybeth O’Haire in a wonderfully unusual way. Planning ahead, Narine enlisted O’Haire’s mother to buy a red polka dot dress, which Narine convinced O’Haire to wear during their outing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where, in the Picasso room he proposed underneath an illustration of him proposing to her (wearing the red polka dot dress), which he drew ahead of time. Much of the couple’s family was involved in this caper, including photographer Kelly Joyce. After all that planning, of course she said yes.

September we took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As we walked the aisles of art from ancient times and contemporary alike, we happened upon a room of Picasso’s art (Marybeth’s favorite). My brother and sister in law were able to then hang the painting I had made of myself proposing to Marybeth wearing the red polka dot dress next to a Picasso. After I was given the signal I brought my girlfriend to the painting where she began immediately crying when she realized that the painting was of what was about to take place. I bent the knee and she nodded yes as tears traveled down her rosy cheeks.

via My Modern Met