Morgan Freeman Plays a Smooth Talking Disc Jockey on a Classic 1971 Episode of ‘The Electric Company’

While he was part of the regular cast of the classic public television series The Electric Company, the great Morgan Freeman played a number of distinctive characters who entertained while educating. This included a singing vampire named Vincent and a smooth talking radio, Jimi Hendrix styled deejay named Mel Mounds who played a game that employed the consonant R-blend “BR” in as many ways possible.

Okay brothers and sisters, misses and misters. Here’s your daddy-o with the sounds to go. No shucking, no jiving, I’m telling you your music’s arriving. It’s Mel Mounds here with your special request game called ‘Same As Your Name’. That’s right one of you lucky listeners out there will get the chance to pick the next song and that song will have a sound that sounds the same as your own name. …And the name is Brenda Bradley.