A Stunning Astrolapse Showcasing the Hypnotic Beauty of the Milky Way in the Colorful Norwegian Night Sky

In the third film of his Galaxies Series, astrophotographer Adrien Mauduit has created a stunning hypnotic astrolapse that captures the beauty of the Milky Way as seen against the backdrop of a colorful Norwegian night sky. This gorgeous footage is set to a calming soundtrack that expresses the feel of this gorgeous phenomenon through music.

From a photographic and scientific point of view, this part of the milky way is so interesting to capture and study because if our solar system is located in its suburbs, the downtown district of our home galaxy harbors billions upon billions of stars. They are so concentrated that the total light coming from them can be seen millions of light years away and really creates this halo of light visible when you take a picture of it, much like a fire blazing.

Here are the first and second films of Mauduit’s incredible “Galaxies” series. Both beautifully address the night sky interacting with the wonders of astronomy.

via Vimeo Staff Picks