Extreme Detail of Insect and Spider Faces Captured in Incredible Close Up Macro Photography

German wildlife photographer and author Alexander Mett captures absolutely incredible close up photographs of insect and spider faces. Mett, who refers to his work as “Extreme Wildlife Makrofotografie”, places his macro lens as near to the subject as possible in order to capture these visages in such extreme detail. Mett notes that he photographs his subjects in the wild and does not harm the insects and spiders in any way.

(translated) I’ve been doing macro photography since 2012, with a focus on wildlife extreme macro photography, an area of macro photography that is certainly one of the most demanding photography has to offer. …My photos were taken exclusively with live insects and spiders that I found in the wild. …Of course, I edit my pictures in Photoshop and beautify even a background, but in the end, no animal suffer any damage.