A Lush Baroque Lute Cover of the ‘Interstellar’ Theme

Musician Naochika Sogabe of Healing Music for Spirit on Oud & Lute performed a lush arrangement of the Interstellar theme by Hans Zimmer performed on a beautiful Baroque lute. Naochika framed the entire performance to be a relaxing experience for both the ears and the eyes, noting how both the lute and the oud are very important historical instruments.

The origin of the oud belongs to ancient times and similar instruments were used by the Babylonian and ancient Egyptians. Until today, oud is played as “king of the instruments” in Arabic culture. The oud found its way to Europe in medieval times and it became “lute”. During the Renaissance, the lute was regarded as “king of the instruments”.

Previously, Ahmed Alshaiba performed a cover of the same song on a traditional oud.

via The Awesomer