Incredibly Lifelike Dioramas of 20th Century America by Photographer Michael Paul Smith

Moving Day - Stopping by the Creek - 1944

Photographer Michael Paul Smith creates photos of 20th century America that look utterly convincing but are actually carefully staged photos of his 1/24-scale dioramas. The dioramas feature models from his collection of die-cast cars, as well as his own exacting replicas of buildings, signage, and other pieces of Americana. For added realism, he often photographs his dioramas outdoors, using forced perspective to realistically incorporate surrounding buildings and scenery into his images. Remarkably, he uses a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. For more on Smith’s incredible diorama photos, see this Fstoppers interview. We previously posted about Smith’s work back in 2010.

Setup Shot for Moving Day 1944
Darren Winthrop's '65 Mustang Fastback
Woodie in the Snow  - 1935

via Fstoppers

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